Property vs Real Estate – Ray White event 11Aug21

  • August 4, 2021
August 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Australia/Brisbane Timezone
7 Steps to Wealth - by Custodian
Property vs Real Estate - Ray White event 11Aug21
Learn the Vital Difference between Property and Real Estate in this one-hour webinar.

Property vs Real Estate

Another Custodian webinar

Brought to you by Ray White Castle Hill

Don’t let FOMO lead you down the wrong property path.

There’s no doubt that the residential property market is red hot and saturation media coverage of the rise and rise in house prices is adding fuel to the fire.

The figures suggest property buyers are still circling but remember, not all residential real estate is created equal and in a market this mad, it pays to take a breather, ask yourself some key questions and ensure you have a smart strategy before diving in.

Have you thought this through long term? The current market conditions will not last forever and property investment should be for the long haul.

Join us in this online event for a real conversation on the difference between Buying Property and Investing in Real Estate.

We are thrilled to introduce our Panel of guest speakers:

– Best seller Author of “7 Steps to Wealth”, John Fitzgerald

– Australia’s #1 Demographer, Bernard Salt (The “Smashed Avo guy”)

– Custodian Managing Director, James Fitzgerald

Secure your spot as we have limited online availability.

This Custodian webinar is brought to you by Ray White Castle Hill.

Secure your spot as we have limited availability.

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